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Selection filter on QSO date range not working

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  • Selection filter on QSO date range not working

    I'm doing a fresh install on a new PC at my new QTH. The version I'm working with is

    I decided to go through the tedious task of rebuilding my configuration of HRD Logbook manually. I imported my old logbook data from the old PC using the backup to XML function, and then imported it to HRDLB. I then started to rebuild my LB page layout, install certain menu bar buttons for functions I use often (e.g., Bulk Editor). Moving onward I started to rebuild my selection filters in LB. I had many filters I often used, but I started with the factory provided filters for all contacts for a specific year. I noticed the fresh installation included filters for 2019, 2018, 2017 ... 2014. When I selected 2019, I got no results. I found that these factory set filters were filtering for "Time ON" and not "QSO Date". So, I then tried to create my own 2019 filter and found that, while I could go through the screens for setting up a new filter, the program would not retain the filter settings for "QSO Date, Between, and 1/1/2019 through 12/31/19". When I would close the window for the new filter, I found it in the selection window for filters, but on execution it returned no results. When I went back to the filter setting window, my filter for "Between, QSO date and the date range" was blank.

    After further investigation I found that all the factory provided filters contain no filter information when you attempt to edit them, although they work. And, I tried to create another filter of - "Rig, Contains, 990", to filter for contacts using my TS-990 and got no results and upon reopening the edit window found a blank filter with ENABLE unchecked.

    It appears that this user cannot create any selection filters, although I can go through all the motions. Also, the factory provided filters work (except filter for QSOs in a certain year).

    What's up?

    Ted Szypulski
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    HI Ted I found the same with one exception at the end of filter setup select a number of QSO`s instead of all. This sort of worked but it was not showing all entries for the year I tried to setup which was 2018 but at least it did show something this way rather than nothing. 73 Morris WA4MIT