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Selection filter on QSO date range not working

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  • Selection filter on QSO date range not working

    I'm doing a fresh install on a new PC at my new QTH. The version I'm working with is

    I decided to go through the tedious task of rebuilding my configuration of HRD Logbook manually. I imported my old logbook data from the old PC using the backup to XML function, and then imported it to HRDLB. I then started to rebuild my LB page layout, install certain menu bar buttons for functions I use often (e.g., Bulk Editor). Moving onward I started to rebuild my selection filters in LB. I had many filters I often used, but I started with the factory provided filters for all contacts for a specific year. I noticed the fresh installation included filters for 2019, 2018, 2017 ... 2014. When I selected 2019, I got no results. I found that these factory set filters were filtering for "Time ON" and not "QSO Date". So, I then tried to create my own 2019 filter and found that, while I could go through the screens for setting up a new filter, the program would not retain the filter settings for "QSO Date, Between, and 1/1/2019 through 12/31/19". When I would close the window for the new filter, I found it in the selection window for filters, but on execution it returned no results. When I went back to the filter setting window, my filter for "Between, QSO date and the date range" was blank.

    After further investigation I found that all the factory provided filters contain no filter information when you attempt to edit them, although they work. And, I tried to create another filter of - "Rig, Contains, 990", to filter for contacts using my TS-990 and got no results and upon reopening the edit window found a blank filter with ENABLE unchecked.

    It appears that this user cannot create any selection filters, although I can go through all the motions. Also, the factory provided filters work (except filter for QSOs in a certain year).

    What's up?

    Ted Szypulski
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    HI Ted I found the same with one exception at the end of filter setup select a number of QSO`s instead of all. This sort of worked but it was not showing all entries for the year I tried to setup which was 2018 but at least it did show something this way rather than nothing. 73 Morris WA4MIT


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      Selections for fields matching criteria chosen still do not work, but I do see that the filtering to limit to a certain number of matches does work. This, unfortunately, doesn't help the situation.



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        Yeah, the Max Number has been working even though the rest is broken. You can roll back to an earlier version and rebuild your selection filters and they will work in the new version. Unfortunately, as soon as you change ANYTHING in you layout, such as column widths, the selection criteria will be broken again.
        73, Jim - N4ST
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