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Logbook takes 15 seconds to open existing log entry

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  • Logbook takes 15 seconds to open existing log entry

    Hello friends,

    since longer time I have a issue with a very long opening time to edit or open a previously added logbook entry.
    I upraded my PC from Windwos7 32bit to Windows10 64bit with now 16GB RAM and INTEL Core I7.
    Some days after installation of HRD and using mySQL Database ODBC Server connection, it worked with "good" openening speed about 3-5seconds.
    Since a few days it takes longer and longer to open a entry, actual 15s with waiting mouse cursor.
    It is the same problem I had since nearly about one year. My hope was that this problem would had gone after a new system installation, but the hope is gone.
    I have 13.200 entries in the logbook.
    Has someone a good idea to resolve this problem?

    Best 73 de Horst DL2KBQ
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