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    I am installing Logbook on a second pc running W10 and all is working very well, except for LoTW Upload. I have the LoTW side working but can not get a QSO to UPLOAD. I highlight the QSO and click the Upload button. The LoTW window opens and the Key file location is filled in but with the wrong info. How do I edit the file locations to the TQ files. The Upload button is greyed and the Save buttons are greyed. This works fine on my other pc so I know how it should work. But it just doesn't on the new pc. So sad :-(

    Can anyone help.
    Ken W0KRD

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    The upload button will be greyed out unless you have a log entry (s) highlighted (selected) to upload then click on the upload button once it opens find the line that says TQSL executable and at the far right is a browse box click on this box and find the TQSL file it should be in C drive, programs (86) folder. As for the download it does not use TQSL you do need to input your LOTW login info into this part the login line (top line) should be this:, the Download line should be this: ...Next lines are your login info you need to fill out. I hope this helps you out.
    73 Morris WA4MIT
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      In addition, don't forget to copy your TQSL settings and locations from the old PC and install them on the new PC by importing them in the new TQSL file on the new computer. Simple and brief instructions on how to do this are available on the ARRL LoTW website.


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        Thanks guys I finally got it figured out and working.