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HRD will not connect to FT 897 with LDG 897

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  • HRD will not connect to FT 897 with LDG 897

    Cannot get HRD to connect to my Yaesu FT-897D through the LDG AT-897 Plus. I was told it would connect fine but no luck. I need the AT-897 to tune the OCF dipole I'm using. Suggestions please.

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    Check out this video: at about the 4 minute mark.

    Also, the following is from the user manual for the tuner:

    If it is desired to operate the FT-897 via computer control, connect the Yaesu CT-62 CAT
    interface cable to the AT-897Plus port labeled “CAT In”. The AT-897Plus will automatically
    feed through any CAT commands coming in over this port to the transceiver and vice versa.
    Note that any software used to control the transceiver will have to be set for 4,800 baud while
    connected through the AT-897Plus.

    Hope this helps.
    Charlie, K0LAF
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    Charlie, KØLAF


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      Did all that and still no joy. I'll go back and recheck and reset everything and try again.
      Thanks Charlie