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    I've used HRD for several years, and like it, overall. I even chose to renew my subscription. I'm starting to get interested in satellite operations. Referencing the online HRD Wiki, trying to get some insights into satellite ops with HRD, the first thing I noted is the WIki help pages and the latest version of HRD do not correspond. It appears the online Wiki references an older (maybe much older) version of HRD. Is my assessment correct? Is there anything else a new HRD satellite operator should know? Thanks for your insight, and help. Alan, K6AES

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    I too am interested in this. I am just getting back on the satellites after 15+ years. I downloaded the 5.8 version of HRD just to get my feet wet and see if the satellite program works Ok. So far good luck. I'm waiting for a CAT board for my FT-736 so HRD can auto run it and compensate for Doppler etc. Looks like I will also need a GS-232A or B to interface to the Yaesu G-5500 rotor I have. Will subscribe to this thread for follow-info hopefully somebody chimes in. Good luck Alan. Mike