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DM 780 keys my FTDX-3000 on start up

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  • DM 780 keys my FTDX-3000 on start up

    Radio, FTDX-3000
    HRD v
    using USB for rig control

    When starting DM780 my rig keys the transmitter with no way to unkey other than close MD780.
    This seems to have started after updating to HRD V

    Any one else experienced this, or have a solution to this problem?

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    Paul. Refresh your USB drivers in Device Manager/Task Manager. They may have not released from previous session.


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      I have removed the drivers and reinstalled them and it is still keying the radio.

      A little more information,
      1. If I turn off the DTR keying in the radio menu it does not key the radio, as I think would be as expected.
      2. It only keys the radio in CW mode.
      3. It will not key the radio in any other digital mode.
      4. I down graded the HRD program back to v. and that did not change the problem, so my thought that the upgrade to .184 had nothing to do with this issue.
      If I come up with any more info I will post it here.

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        Are you using regular CW in DM780, or CW (Winkey)? With Winkey, my FTdx-5000 will occasionally lock in TX for some reason. Bumping the paddle to send a dit, or bumping the mic PTT button resets the radio to RX.
        Ed - W4ELP


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          Ed, I am using CW that is generated via computer, but the radio keys as soon as the DM 780 program starts. I can’t get as far as trying to send CW.

          I have tried turning off the DTR in the radio menu, run DM 780 then turn the DTR function on in the radio and it instantly keys the radio. It really sounds like something in the setup in DM 780 but I have compared my settings to a friends setup and they are identical and his works as advertised.



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            Problem Solved.

            Called in to Ham Radio Deluxe and chatted with Kevin, he recommended using HRD as the keyer and set the radio to RTS.
            This worked great and I have to say that HRD’s tech support is one of the greatest I have come across.

            Thank you Kevin