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Logbook Slow and Stalls

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  • Logbook Slow and Stalls

    Since updating to v6.5.0.183, logbook is extremely slow to load, stalling at the opening splash screen. Sometimes it will continue on after a minute or so and sometimes it crashes to desktop. Also, QRZ callsign lookups sometimes take so long that the logbook crashes to desktop and it also stalls DM780. Previous versions didn't do this. QRZ callsign lookups done through the website at the same time logbook is stalled don't stall. I'm running Win10 on a laptop.

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    Okay, HRD Logbook has become virtually unusable.


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      I've noticed the stall during startup until the DX Cluster is fully populated. Sometimes this takes 15 seconds or more. My internet connection is solid and fast, so I attribute this to the DX Cluster server or the access to it at HRD. This stall or slowdown does not happen with most other DX Clusters I've tried. However, this is not always the case, just often enough that I notice it. Can't do anything with HRD LB until the cluster is functioning. I've never had it wait so long that HRD crashes.
      Windows 10 Pro (64bit) on a Dell i5 Quad with 8Gb RAM and 120Gb Kingston SSD
      3 - Dell 1708FB Digital HD Monitors (Rig Control on left, WSJTx on center and Logbook on right)
      Current version of HRD unless I see problems with it.

      ICOM IC-7610 to HRD via USB (on AS 6-Pack)
      ICOM IC-718 to HRD via Serial (on AS 6-Pack)
      ICOM IC-745 poor guy doesn't know what USB, HRD or CAT commands are (on a center-feed wire via LDG AT-11)

      Diamond X-50 at 35' for 2m & 70cm
      Mosley TA54-XLN-6 (7 elements) @ 30' for 20m thru 6m (WARC included)
      M2 6m5-HP @ 35' for 6m (+2 S-Units over Mosley and lower noise levels)
      EFHW's for 160m, 80m, 60m, 40m & 30m.

      MFJ 939i Automatic Tuner (for IC-7610)
      LDG Electronics AT-11 Automatic Tuner (for IC-718)
      MFJ Electronics MFJ-901B Manual Tuner (for IC-745)

      Array Solutions 6-Pack Antenna switch (2 radio inputs & 6 antenna inputs) with Rat Master controller

      Yaseu D800SA Rotor controlled by HRD via an Easy Rotor Control (ERC) adapter card

      I upload to eQSL & HRDNet automatically in HRD. LoTW, ClubLog, DAILY and send my cards to the Bureau every couple of weeks..
      Why doesn't everybody do this? It's so much easier than having to work through hundreds (or thousands) of log entries once or twice a YEAR.

      Licensed in April 1973.
      Retired July 2011.


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        I understand that an expect a bit of delay when first loaded. But I am talking about minutes of wait only then to see the logbook crash to desktop with the splashscreen still visible. Each attempt results in the same thing. If I reboot, that will sometimes make it work. HRD is dead in the water on my machine. Which is a shame since it has worked flawlessly since I bought it last year.


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          I have the same issue as W5JPT and it can take as long as 60 seconds for it to either crash or load (generally it loads) if I turn off connect at startup in the cluster settings it loads like it always used to (immediately)

          I'm not sure if this is a contributing factor but due to a fault my internet over the last week is extremely laggy and slow (less than dial up speeds) I guess that will answer itself next week after the cable company have replaced the faulty cable from the street into my house.

          As I know support read these pages I would like to say: we may all moan and bitch about stuff on here but I for one am grateful for the way you now resolve issues brought to your attention

          Tor - G1TPA/G1E
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            Well, it appears the recent update has solve my problem. The logbook no longer hangs on start up.


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              Nope. Still doing it.