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dm780 and winkeyer

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  • dm780 and winkeyer

    Is it possible for the buttons on top of the winkey to work(after being setup) with HRD running .Button 1 my call button ....2 599 my call ....ext etc. it looks like Hrd takes over the buttons on top of winkeyer. . The winkeyer will work with top buttons if Dm780 is closed. The winkeyer I will work with Dm780...... looking for a solution to have top buttons working and have dm780 up on computer.

    Thanks AI4EY

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    I think that's a function of the Winkey chip firmware. If it's in COM (or USB) mode, the buttons are disabled. It does the same if you just run the WKTest program on the Winkeyer. So it's not DM780 that's disabling the buttons.
    Ed - W4ELP


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      Well ok.... can both be made to work??? Fred AI4EY


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        The buttons would work if DM780 is in regular CW mode (not Winkey). But if DM780 is "connected" to the Winkeyer, the buttons are disabled.
        Since you can use DM780 macros to send via the Winkeyer, why not set up macros the same as how the buttons are programmed?


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          . I just wanted buttons to work in dm-780 winkey mode... I already have micros set in Hrd ,But no big deal. Thank you...... Fred AI4EY