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HRD Satelite module dowsn't change TX mode to one declared in freq tab (FT991)

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  • HRD Satelite module dowsn't change TX mode to one declared in freq tab (FT991)

    I observe great progress in solving HRD suite problems wit FT991 radio, but I am finding annother issues.
    I observe, that If I configure satelite linear transponders frequencies and modes, HRD Sat sets only Receiving vfo on proper mode.
    Second VFO mode remains unchanged.
    To have it set correctly, I have to uncheck Tx, Rx boxes, then swich manualy radio to vfo B, change mode, switch back to VFO A.
    If Upload and download channels are different - which is on almost all satelites. I would expect program to set radio to SPLITmode, t it dosn't do that. I have do that manually.
    I am currently using the newest beta version -, but problem exists in major rlease and earlier versions.

    73's Marcin SP5IOU.

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    Same on my FT-991A

    I use HamRadio Deluxe Beta

    73´s Thorsten DK2OCH
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      I have Just installed the newest official release
      Bug still exists which is no surprise for me, since I didn't see this bug fix in release note.
      I opened suport ticket for that:
      This bug exists for ages - so in previous releases also.
      Each satele has it's definitione how radio should behave:
      Receiving mode USB, Transmiting mode LSB.
      Receive mode CW, Transmitting mode CW-L
      Receive mode FM, Transmitting mode FM
      Freqences are in most of cases on different bands.
      this is possible to define for each transponder even several entries for each satelitê.

      What is the problem?
      HRD Sat Tracker properly sets bands, frequecies for RX and TX however mode is set only for RX.
      For TX it reminds no changed from previous setting.
      It properly change indications on RX / TX mode buttons, but doas not set TX mode on the radio.
      It looks like some CAT commands missing.

      Another issue is that if radio has to work in crossband mode, it should be set on split operation, but it doesn't.

      Those two bugs makes satelitê operations inconfortable, so please fix those bugs.

      I do not konw if it applies only for FT991 or other radios.

      When I was using previous beta version - problem existed as well so I wrote suitable post on HRD forum.

      If You need some other information or help, feel free to ask for cooperation.

      73 Marcin SP5IOU. "
      73's Marcin SP5IOU.