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Great Circle Map Gone

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  • Great Circle Map Gone

    I recently upgraded to v and now the Great Circle Map does not appear … just the compass rose. The Mercator map shows up fine.
    Any ideas?

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    Disregard this post. For 3 days it never showed up. As soon as I made the attached screenshot … it appeared. Gremlins!!


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      Since I also just upgraded the Great Circle Map does not appear. Some times when I start the program, it appears after several minutes but some times I can wait for hours and still no Great Circle map. Mercator map show up instantly though! Since lst update last year, some times also the Rotor splash-screen doesn't close until I click on splash or main window. The rotor control some how seems to be instable.


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        I also am experiencing the same problem with the Great Circle map since I downloaded Ver.6.5.183. . The Great Circle map is slow to appear, yet the Mercator map pops right up.


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          I see also find the GCM takes about 1 minute to appear so I will create a Mantis issue for this.
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