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Problem with some callsigns and mySQL Database

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  • Problem with some callsigns and mySQL Database

    Hello to all,

    I use HRD in the latest 6.40 version and my Database is a SQL Database. From time to time I have some problems logging my contacts with WSJT-X. The same problems occure, when I manually modify and update my database entries. BTW : I always leave the empty fields automatically filled by before logging it in the database.

    Last day I have a contact with SO750W. When WSJT-X tries to log the QSO to the database, the following message appears (look at the photo)

    This must be the special character " ł " in "Złotoryja" Same thing here by SQ9RIH. Here lies the mistake by the characters " ół " in "Krzysztof Ziółkowski". Also found that by some russian stations.

    You can test this in your HRD logbook by adding the two stations above and update the missing entries via Can someone understand the mistake or is this a thing only on my side? Has someone solved the problem?
    Thank you very much for your help and any comment Olaf

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    I used to have the same problem, I cured the error by deleting the SQL DSN in the ODBC administrator and recreating it again. Make sure you use the MySQL ODBC ANSI Driver - I think the special characters cause problems when using the Unicode driver.


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      Just to add - I have a test DB that uses the UNICODE driver and that does indeed throw an error when using the example of "
      SO750W" - my main log using the ANSI driver accepts it into the log fine.


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        Hello Roger,

        you are right - this was the problem. I have to install the more actual MySQL ODBC Connector 5.2 than my 5.1 and after this I could choose between ANSI and UNICODE driver. Now the problem is gone. Thank you very much for your help.