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  • Why Should I Subscribe?

    I posted a question awhile ago about what are the hidden features in HRD that I'm told I'll receive when I subscribe. Nobody answered my question.

    So now my question becomes, why should I subscribe?

    I really don't need technical support, and I have no questions about HRD that I feel compelled to spend money on getting answered. So again I ask: WHY SHOULD I SUBSCRIBE?

    . . . John (WA3CAS)

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    If you feel comfortable with your current version, then don't. You will still receive any updates and fixes, just no new features. How they are hidden and what they are is not relevant as you can read the Release Notes to find out what new features have been added from time to time. At any time, you can do a 1 year Service Contract and get all that is newly added and during that year. These new features are now part of you base program and will be supported after the 1 year expires. The program is NOT a subscription, just the Service and Support are.

    Look for discount emails and take advantage of big discounts on this.
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    Current version of HRD unless I see problems with it.

    ICOM IC-7610 to HRD via USB (on AS 6-Pack)
    ICOM IC-718 to HRD via Serial (on AS 6-Pack)
    ICOM IC-745 poor guy doesn't know what USB, HRD or CAT commands are (on a center-feed wire via LDG AT-11)

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    Mosley TA54-XLN-6 (7 elements) @ 30' for 20m thru 6m (WARC included)
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    EFHW's for 160m, 80m, 60m, 40m & 30m.

    MFJ 939i Automatic Tuner (for IC-7610)
    LDG Electronics AT-11 Automatic Tuner (for IC-718)
    MFJ Electronics MFJ-901B Manual Tuner (for IC-745)

    Array Solutions 6-Pack Antenna switch (2 radio inputs & 6 antenna inputs) with Rat Master controller

    Yaseu D800SA Rotor controlled by HRD via an Easy Rotor Control (ERC) adapter card

    I upload to eQSL & HRDNet automatically in HRD. LoTW, ClubLog, DAILY and send my cards to the Bureau every couple of weeks..
    Why doesn't everybody do this? It's so much easier than having to work through hundreds (or thousands) of log entries once or twice a YEAR.

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    Retired July 2011.


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      I like HRD, think it is a great product and subscribe to help them continue development. They are a commercial operation and employees need to be paid.


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        I own a lot of great programs that are sold by commercial businesses. I don't feel compelled, however, to keep giving those companies money every year so they can keep paying their employees. How many people send money to Microsoft for no other reason other than they think Bill Gates is a nice guy and can use the money.

        I could go back and shift through those long and boring Release Notes (a lot of which I don't understand) and possibility find those new and hidden features. All I'm asking for is a list of those new features that I'm missing out on by not subscribing. If I knew what those new features were, I'd feel more compelled to subscribe. I'm beginning to think there aren't any new and hidden features, and that what I have is as good as it gets. If not, will someone please prove me wrong.


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          WA3CAS - I think you have made your point. There is no reason for YOU to subscribe.
          73, Jim - N4ST
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            Originally posted by quigly777 View Post
            I like HRD, think it is a great product and subscribe to help them continue development. They are a commercial operation and employees need to be paid.
            Completely agree. HRD ran a special at Christmas time, somewhere around $30 for a year. The continued development to keep up with changes to Windows OS is an example of other influences. There will be changes under the hood that the user won't really see, other than a good operating experience with HRD.
            73 K8HIT Dave


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              I have used HRD very intermittently since v6 was released. I am primarily a Mac user but maintain an HRD installation on my MacBook Pro via Bootcamp.

              i have noticed continuous improvement since v6 launched and have been very impressed with the improved customer support that Mike (WA9PIE) has championed. When the Christmas special was offered I purchased a 1 year support agreement, not because I expect to need it, but as a way to support continued improvement.

              As both an Apple and Elecraft user I place a great deal of importance on customer support. The HRD crew are doing a good just b and deserve support.

              Very 73 - Mike - K9JRI