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  • Logbook Not Responding

    When I try to start HRD Logbook the splash screen comes on and thats it. It just hangs there on the splash screen and doesn't open the program. I've tried to reinstall HRD and the issue still persists. I've reverted back to v6.4.0.902. All of the other HRD apps work fine. Any help to resolve this would be appreciated.

    This did not come out of the blue. I had made a change to the configuration to work with Slice Master 6000 and my flex 6500. I was also using DDUTIL So I suspect I made a change but I don't know exactly what I did. Maybe UDP port?? Certainly don't know what would prevent it from starting.

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    I have resolved this issue. HRD could not make a connection to the radio using the default port (7809) and would just hang there on the splash screen. I had started to use Slice MAster 6000 which used port 7810. If you have these same symptoms while using SmartSDR and HRD Logbook is hung up on the flash screen this is what I did to get HRD Logbook working. Unfortunately there was no timeout while trying to connect to a port.

    1 Start HRD Logbook and let it hang there in the splash screen.
    2 Close SmartSDR. You should see a popup box from HRDL saying it couldn't connect the radio.
    3 Clear the HRDL popup boxes and enter the correct address and port number in the Radio Pane Configuration. In my case I entered Localhost 7810.
    4 Bam... HRDL should load properly.
    5 Restart SmartSDR and you're in business again.

    It might be a good idea to look and see if Mike & HRDLLC can add a radio connect timeout if a different listening port was selected.