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Recording propagation from JTAlert?

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  • Recording propagation from JTAlert?

    This may be a JTAlert question, but I'll throw it out here. When recording entries in HRD for SSB, the log includes propagation data and seems to be working well. However, my JTAlert logged entries do not contain that propagation data. I searched the forums and came across a post where someone said it was working for them. So, does anyone know if there's something I need to change to get it to work for me? The save propagation data checkbox is checked in HRD and it does work from within HRD.

    Thanks in advance,
    Lynn - KW4WL

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    Found my own answer. So I'll share in case anyone else can't find it. Although, I should have found it more easily. The "Log propagation..." checkbox is in JTAlert settings under the Logging tab. I was looking in the HRD V5/V6 and not finding anything.

    Lynn - KW4WL