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Using HRD rotator remotely

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  • Using HRD rotator remotely

    I have just bought myself a Sun SDR Pro 2 transceiver. I have it plugged into my network switch which means I can use the radio on any computer attached to my network, is really fantastic.

    What I also plan on doing is having ham radio deluxe installed on a couple of computers so that I can use either computer but still log all my contacts. I been told that if I connect to one database then it doesn't matter what computer I use all contacts will be in the one main database.

    What I was hoping I would also be able to do remotely is use HRD rotator. Is this possible?

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    you can look at ERC-M that comes with optional Ethernet interface and run the controller remote and not HRD Rotator
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      If you have a rotor with a serial port you can use a serial to Ethernet module. I use a WIZ110R.

      Give the WIZ110 fixed IP address. Install on PC a virtual com driver, eg NNDKVComm2.1
      Configure COM ports and IP.......running with HRD Rotor.

      73, Reg de PA1REG