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Country and Unique Call List is not updating

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  • Country and Unique Call List is not updating

    I use HRD without any significant trouble but one: On the Global Settings/Auto-Update the Country and Unique Call Lists is not updating anymore. Its current date is 05-April-18-18:01:38:00 and since that date no update occured, update frequency selection is Daily Automatic Update. Check for Update button doesn't function.

    Not only I cannot track the new dxpeditions, some countries (ARRL Prefix) in the DX Cluster are changing randomly f.e. sometimes a polish callsign indicates Ecuador, a Spanish>United States etc. Bu it is not recurring other times a dxpedition callsign like ZD9CW says its South Africa. I never changed any country list manually, in the past I had the Kosova problem but after an update it cured, but this problem continues.

    I update with every version of HRD by clicking on the .exe file and it does everything automatically. Perhaps I have to delete the country list before updating, but I cannot find the file.

    When was the last country/unique call list update? Where is the country file? And how can I solve my updating problem?

    Thank you in advance
    73, Ercan-TA1L

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    You have the last update. Unfortunately there have been no updates since then. You are not doing anything wrong ... The update button doesn't do anything because you have the latest update ...

    You can go to Countries, Manager and then 'Unique Calls' button and add new calls ... This function does not work anymore on my machine .. Just hangs the Logbook program and forces restart from task manager ... Maybe it will work for you .. Good luck ...
    Ron, W3RJW

    HRD v6.5.0.207
    Acer Aspire XC600, Intel Pentium Dual Core 2.9GHz, 8 GB Memory, 64-bit OS, Windows 8.1,
    Access Data Base
    FTdx-5000+Timewave Navigator Interface/FTdx-3000+SignaLink USB Interface, .. WSJT-X v2.0.1, JTAlertX v2.13.7, HRD v6.5.0.207


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      ZD9CW automatically showed Tristan da Cunha and Gough Island for me. Strange.
      Icom ic-7610, SPE 1K-FA amp,Hex beam, Butternut HF6V and homebrew 40m/80m trap dipole.
      PC - Windows 10.
      Intel 4 Core i5-4460 CPU@3.2GHz, 8GB RAM,


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        @W3RJW thank you very much for the last update info, A dxpedition callsign (I forgot which one) was not found in the database and therefore I wanted to load the newest countrylist.
        @G3UCQ I mentioned ZD9CW because during a countrylist shuffling session (!) dx-cluster said it is South Africa.
        I use HRD everyday and one or two times in a week it cannot retrieve the correct county name from its countrylist database for one or two countries, it is random (time and effected country, both!)


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          I would like to give a proof of HRD country shuffle disorder. MW0EDX is Wales not Vanuatu and HRD shows it as Vanuatu and the cluster filter believes it is Vanuatu.. On the same page a row below one can see the real Vanuatu YJ0GC (also somewhere on the upper part). Sometimes I see a German callsign as Italy etc. It is very frustrating...

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