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Unable to install updates past current version

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  • Unable to install updates past current version

    Good Evening Everyone,
    I was directed here by HRD tech support. I am new here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I purchased HRD Dec 2015 and have not had any update install issues until currently. I currently do not have annual tech support however I am no longer able to install the updated versions past Once I reach the Microsoft Access 2007 runtime uninstall window and I proceed on, I get an error that states the client software version is out of sync. I then get a final error window that pops up and states that it is unable to uninstall old version and to manually uninstall it and reinstall. My reason for writing you is that I don't want to manually uninstall HRD and have to reconfigure the entire program. I intend to possibly purchase a year of support in 2019 for feature upgrades however I would still like to be able to install regular updates since I had not a problem until my current version. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your consideration.

    I am running win7 64bit

    Corey Holstine KE8BYM

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    Hi Corey
    On the Rig Control window go to Tools/Archive where you can save all the settings to a folder of your choice.
    Then, if/when you uninstall HRD you can copy that folder back again.
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      John thanks so much. When I get some time this next month I may be brave enough to try it, hi hi. I was hoping for another work around but had a feeling there probably wouldn't be one.

      Thanks again.