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Sub display slow/random update

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  • Sub display slow/random update


    I have the latest HRD ( ) and notice the sub display updates slowly or randomly. The main display updates OK, sometimes slow than others, but generally starts changing as I tune. The sub display on the other hand something updates as I tune, most the time will do nothing for several minutes then suddenly have the correct frequency displayed.

    My setup,

    FTDX5000 with SCU-17
    Running SDRuno as a panadapter. HRD is usually connected to the SDR through a virtual serial port ( as described in many places ). the connection works OK, just the sub display is very slow.

    I have also tried connecting HRD directly to the 5K with nothing else accessing the radio. Again, everything works but the sub display is not updated in a timely manner.

    Any thoughts?


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    Probably not much help but both displays update in real time with my IC-7610.
    I had a FTDX5000 a few years ago and do not recall the slow updates you experience.
    Icom ic-7610, SPE 1K-FA amp,Hex beam, Butternut HF6V and homebrew 40m/80m trap dipole.
    PC - Windows 10.
    Intel 4 Core i5-4460 CPU@3.2GHz, 8GB RAM,


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      I tried it with HRD connecting directly to the DX5000, a bit better but still a lot of lag on the sub display. This would be OK except HDSDR is the only software I know of that hill connect with HRD with DDE. It's only a minor annoyance, not sure why it's so slow