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Guage Display Problems

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  • Guage Display Problems

    I am running the .886 version of the software suite. I am using an M2 2800 rotor. The rotor is turning as it should and seems to be functioning normally. I have not been able to use the gauges option as when I turn it on it does not display the current position of my rotor, i.e. there is no visible pointer on the gauge. I wonder if anyone has had this problem? More importantly, does anyone have a solution? I should note that I believe that I have tried every visible setting for the gauges in the setup.

    Phil W0OJ
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    I am not much experienced but i think you may need to delete the existing RPM widget and add the new one that you have already configured or you might be able to just reconfigure the exist RPM widget to pin 35. This must be done for each screen layout (20%, 50%, 100%).
    Also configure the limits for the widget for each range you desire.

    assemblage PCB
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      Thanks GladBok I'll try and thanks for response