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    Up to v6.4.0.840 whenever I used ALE, it populated all of the normal fields and also the customised fields which I have set up for club use etc - e.g Fists membership numbers - example picture attached.

    Releases since then no longer populates these customised fields.

    Does anyone else use this facility and if so, do you get the same issues?

    I have been through support who investigated and told me that it didn't work like that! but I have been using this facility for years and since .840 it no longer works and I am unable to go to the latest releases as I use these customised fields a lot. So until it is fixed, I will be staying on .840.

    I was told that this would be added as an enhancement #0002832 sometime in the future but if it has been working for years, why was it removed anyway???

    John - G4LRG