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Logbook Shutdown Still with v6.4.0.886 darn it !!

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  • Logbook Shutdown Still with v6.4.0.886 darn it !!

    Day 2 on 886 and I am getting LB shutdowns..... even shutdown while changing logs within DM780. Better since the Windows update... but still there. I do not get a datadump message, just LB shutdown. FYI.. Tonight it shutdown while just monitoring on DM780. I was not using the pc at all at the time.

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    YES ... Again and again ... two times during a contest. Logbook and dm780 shut down at the same time !


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      Yes Again and again 3 contacts and chutdowns


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        It appears to me the random shutdowns only occur when DM780 is running. I can leave logbook running for hours on it's own with no problem.

        I also find that the logbook lookup in DM780 has gotten really slow in the latest version. I use MariaDB for the log BTW.


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          Despite having had no problems with any shutdowns for weeks, yesterday the Logbook shut down every time I ran it. A mini dump was also created. It had to be a Windows problem so I restored from the previous day's image backup (Macrium Reflect) and no more problems. As the number of users experiencing shut down problems has reduced I would suggest this is related to Windows in some way.
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            I, too, have found that the latest version (.886) hasn't helped this problem at all. Still getting frequent logbook not responding errors as before. When I was running version .794 and before the software was as solid as a tank, What did they do to it?



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              Has anyone come up with a solution to the LogBook "mini-dump" error problem? I've reinstalled the latest HRD version (.886) several times with no luck. Don't know if there's a relationship, but recently started using LogBook only for log capture when using WJST-X.