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K3 Rig Control, band button/memory QSY sluggish and delayed

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  • K3 Rig Control, band button/memory QSY sluggish and delayed

    For the past few editions, the control of the K3 for QSY /in Rig Control/ has been delayed, or sluggish. Any other QSY command such as from the DX cluster (logbook) or WSJT-X is immediate as expected.

    This delay is on the order of 10 seconds or more and ONLY from Rig Control itself and specifically when using the band buttons or memories. The first time might be quick, but attempts beyond that are delayed. Clearly, something is creating a loop causing a delay as once it starts the QSY, all attempts are caught up, then it starts the delay again.

    I'm not the only one with this issue, it has been reported on the Elecraft reflector as well.

    Please look into this. Thank you!
    Rick WA6NHC, DXer, wanderer
    Home: Elecraft K Line, SteppIR DB42 @ 60', Cushcraft R-7 vertical
    Computer: 4.3 GHz desktop, Win 10/64

    RV: IC-7300, AH-4 and a laptop; antenna is variable
    Truck: TS-480HX, Tarheel and TurboTuner.

    IRLP 7962 (shack and local area only)