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Installing HRD on more than one computer

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  • Installing HRD on more than one computer

    Is there any way of configuring HRD so that if you had it installed on a second computer that you also used for radio communications, let's say SDR, when you log a contact it would be transferred to your HRD on the shack computer? Or is it just a case that if you have HRD installed on two pcs they are two individual logs?

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    You posted your question a while ago now, I've only just read it so forgive me if you've figured it out.

    But anyway, I use 2 PC's and a single database, as long as both machines are connected by a network and running at the same time, all you need to do is decide which machine you want to use as the main computer, and set up the second machine to use the database on the main machine.
    On the slave machine, set up the data source in the ODBC Administrator to point to the DB on the main PC,then go to the settings in Logbook under Logbook>File>Databases>Manager and add it.


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      Thanks, that sounds absolutely perfect, just what I'm looking for. However, there is only one problem that I foresee, one of my machines is on Windows 7 and the shack PC runs Windows 10. I'm pretty sure I'm right in saying that to machines running the front operating systems can't be connected on a network. If they can then maybe you could give me instructions on how to do it because I've tried and not had any luck. I'm pretty sure that things stopped working when I updated my shack PC up to Windows 10 from Windows 7.