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    How long can the Guest function be used in DM780? Our club has a special call for 30 more days and I was going to use HRD instead of being stuck with another program. I tested it out and it worked early last week. When I tried to use Guest as and enter the call, HRD says "Your guest has overstayed their welcome" Any ideas? the special call in VC3NPARC70, and sales told me they cant make a temp license for me because the call is too long.


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    Steve you might want to read the entire thread noted above ... In particular one line jumps out " Again, the GUEST option is just a temporary profile. Once you shut down HRD and restart it, if you plan on using the same callsign again, all the information in the GUEST dialog must be re-entered."

    Also: " I may be wrong, but I think that every callsign that goes into that field MUST have a valid HRD license. This protects the software from piracy.
    Generally, when additional licenses are required, they request them through support and the call is checked in QRZ to make sure that both calls are at the same QTH."
    Mike, WA9PIE

    and so on ...

    All this stuff, and much more, comes up if you simply enter the word "guest" in the Forum search box ...

    The line "Your guest has overstayed their welcome" sure sounds like a hangover from the previous administration ... and probably should be more elegantly stated ..

    If the "call sign" is too long .. then the call sign is too long (at least at this moment in time) for the current license key manager to process ...

    I know this is not what you wanted to hear, but I thought you at least deserved some kind of answer ...

    And this should be in the DM 780 Support Forum ......
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    Ron, W3RJW

    HRD v6.6.0.236
    Acer Aspire XC600, Intel Pentium Dual Core 2.9GHz, 8 GB Memory, 64-bit OS, Windows 8.1,
    Access Data Base
    FTdx-5000+Timewave Navigator Interface/FTdx-3000+SignaLink USB Interface, .. WSJT-X v2.1.1, JTAlertX v2.15.3, HRD v6.6.0.236


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      Ok, Thanks guys. We should have picked a shorter special event call,,,hi! That makes sense though.