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HRD Rotor Control using the Yaesu GS-232B not working

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  • HRD Rotor Control using the Yaesu GS-232B not working

    I am using the latest version of HRD. I have the GS-232B rotor control box to my Yaesu G-1000DXA rotor. I have every thing connected as it is supposed to be. I have the Rotator set to Yaesu Rotor CAT. It shows that I am connected to the GS-232B but nothing happens when I enter a callsign. Is anybody using the same setup that works?

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    I too have the Yaesu BS 232B while I can connect, and in the rotor control window/map area see where I am aimed OK, the clock face has no az indicator on it. No where.
    If I double click on the clock face inside the log book, even though there is no AZ indication, the rotor goes to the correct spot.

    Looks like a bug????



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      I have the same issue here with the latest release. I can control my rotor with the ERC rotor control program via the computer but not via HRD. Both have the same com port and baud.