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Logbook crashes while klicking on "Print Labels"

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  • Logbook crashes while klicking on "Print Labels"

    Hi there!

    Yesterday I installed v6.4.0.876 here on my Windows 10 Machine after using here v6.4.0.846 for a month. I hoped, that the label printing was fixed with this issue as I could read in the Release Letter (873). So I started to setting up my labels and for this first time it works well and i could finish the label setup. (Avery 3474) But as I tried to print one page the logbook was shutting down without any message. After a restart, klicking on "File" - "Print Label" will bringing the Logbook to shutdown silently. Restart of the computer didn't fix the failure.

    I think there is a xml or other file that is broken now.

    Any ideas?


    Olaf - DH1OK