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RSID Popup not changing mode and frequency location when clicked in new version.

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  • RSID Popup not changing mode and frequency location when clicked in new version.

    I have been using HRD pretty much since it's inception. I love using digital modes. I have recently moved and set up a new shack and also upgraded some items including a new computer. Since i have the new computer i downloaded the latest HRD and have it all setup. The issue I have, along with a few others on the forum, is the RSID popup "pops" up with the mode and freq location of a new transmission. It says to click on it to go there and change the mode automatically to start reading the message, or click for the RSID options. I have ALWAYS been able to do this. However the latest version does not respond. It can't even be closed by clicking the X on top right . A couple others have asked the same question but there is no answer . I have done a search for RSID and come up with nothing. Does anyone have a answer of what I (we) may have wrong in settings or is this a bug. Sorry if I have asked this question improperly, since i have never had an issue with HRD and never had to ask for advice.


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    My advice is to open a ticket to support.
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      The hyperlinks in the RSID popup window stopped working some 6 upgrades ago.
      I opened a support ticket #965493 on the 16th of May 2018.
      PD9FER replied he would see if he could bring to attention.
      I'm afraid the ticket was simply closed and deleted.


      Eddy ON5UQ.