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Uploading multiple ADIF files to my HRD logbook

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  • Uploading multiple ADIF files to my HRD logbook

    Hi, I used to use HRD logbook about five years ago and since stopped using due to inactivity on the bands. I had saved all my logs to adif files.

    What I want to do as its been a few years and i can't remember well is. Upload my logs to my to my main logbook which is the default My Logbook. As it stands the logbook is empty. I have about 4 or 5 logs for different calls iv'e used over the years. I remember doing this before and messed it up as I wasn't sure what I was doing. So I assume its a case of importing each adif file into my main log. I want to be able to make my default log as per my call mm0sgq and be able to access the other logs via the same logbook but different logs if you know what I mean.

    I usually have a contest log that I update and my regular log "mm0sgq" So would it just be a case of going into my logbook, "logbook tab, File, Import, adif" And is it the same process for all. I am worried i might get a message telling me to do something that i don't understand, like create a new database ect. I know I had it running this way before so just want to do that again.

    I am sorry this is a bit long winded for something that's probably really simple. I just want to make sure i get it right first time. I appreciate any advice given and look forward to getting my logbook up and running again. By the way I was using the free version 5.? before, now I am using I know there is an update but since but happy with what i have for now. Kind regards, Steve mm0sgq

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    Hello Steve,

    What you are suggesting is achievable, I assume the ADIF's were created with HRD? The only issue you might have is with the mutiple Callsigns, you have to make sure that Fields:- Col_Operator, Col_Operator and Col_Station_Callsign are setup correctly for each Callsign you have used in the past. I do this with my other Callsign.

    If you need any assistance you can always send me the ADIF Files and then I can set them up for you in a single ADIF File using some utilities I have. All you need to do is to tell me which callsigns you require for each file etc.

    David G4NVB


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      Hi David, thanks for the response to my questions. Yes the adif files were created using HRD. I used to have it setup up before where i could click on and open different logs from the same database. Anyway I will be in touch with the Adif's and a more detailed explanation I hope. Regards, Steve.