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Macro does not change...with my location

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  • Macro does not change...with my location

    I have several locations. (several Logbooks several Locations)
    Last one I worked ith HB9FIH (Months ago)
    Now all changed to the current location SV8/HB9FIH (Station etc)
    All is in Screen correct shown.
    But the Macros give always the old (HB9FIH) callsign out.

    I just made the UpDate to latest Version ...also PC reboot.

    For me is not clear where HRD gets the callsign. There should be the same as on the Label top/right.

    73 Erich

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    Look under Tools, Configure and My Station I believe this is what your looking for.
    73 Morris WA4MIT


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      now just updated ....876
      same issue - I have selected the SV8/HB9FIH location.


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        When you add additional locations to "My Station" also in DM go to "Callsign My Info" select the appropriate location then close and restart DM. In the macro under "my tags" use QTH for your new location this should insert the location you selected in Callsign my info. You will have to repeat this for each location and when you select a new location you have to close and restart DM to make it work. 73 GL Morris wa4mit


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          OK TNX just changed the QTH from SV8 -> TA3 - I check.
          73 Erich