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  • Ten Tec Orion AUX input

    Can the AUX INPUT on a TT Orion be added to HRD Rig Control? I use it to run my signal link on AUX INPUT and mic on MIC, set my TX AUDIO SOURCE to BOTH but keep one down and the other up depending what I'm doing. I do it this way when I remote into the station


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    The only time I have ever used the AUX input on my Orion 2 was running some digital modes (PSK31 & RTTY) and I used a TT Model 712 for the interface between the O2 & my computer. Works without issue. For rig control between the O or O2 and your computer I believe you must use the Serial Connector. I use HRD to control my Orion 2 & Eagle.
    de Steve, W1SMC

    HRD: V6.4.0.886
    HF: TEN-TEC Orion II (SSB & CW), TEN-TEC Eagle (Digital Modes) through a ZeroFive Multi Band Vertical. VHF/UHF: ICOM 910H & ICOM 2820 through a Comet GP-98.


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      Steve I use digital modes all the time but what I need is a way to change the value of both MIC GAIN or AUX INPUT . Here's how I run. Currently I'm still mainly using DXLAB. I'm use to it and to be honest I don't need to change to HRD but I do like the "looks" of it. SO on the Orion I select TX AUDIO SOURCE = BOTH, I then slide my MIC GAIN to 0 when I run digital and when I want to run SSB I slide the MIC GAIN up and AUX INPUT to 0. So what I want to know is there a way to create a slider for AUX INPUT? HRD has almost everything covered but not the AUX INPUT, that I can find.If you have any other wisdom I'd appreciate it
      John KO4XJ