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    I use QRZ to log contacts because so many hams use it. A lot of hams use LotW. And...I am also running the HRD Logbook. So I'm searching for the easiest solution to keep all 3 logbooks in sync. ( I haven't even attempted eQSL) One of the problems is that when I enter a QSO in HRD Logbook, it requires that I enter a start AND a stop time for the QSO to the nearest second. This is a bit much(IMHO) and I'm pretty sure that the authorities don't require this. So my question is, can the logbook entry form be re-configured?

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    Originally posted by wxgeek99 View Post
    One of the problems is that when I enter a QSO in HRD Logbook, it requires that I enter a start AND a stop time for the QSO to the nearest second.
    If you are entering a Contact using HRD "Add Log Entry" you just click on the "Chevron" to the Right of Time On / Time Off to enter the current Time.

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      Or you can set these to automatically for real time logging. Select Options and Date/Time from the drop down and decide what you want to happen. I use "set by user" for START. That way I click the chevron when the QSO actually starts and for END, I use the current time. Simple. If you are entering from a paper log, there is no easy way.

      Plus with HRD LB as your primary logging software, you can set up HRD LB to upload to everything on line when you click Update on the ALE screen. These include QRZ, eQSL, ClubLog and HRDLog. LoTW is just a couple of clicks away using the LoTW Upload button in HRD LB.

      I use it this way and everything is taken care of for me. I just upload to LoTW when I get 15-20 contacts in the log.
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      I upload to eQSL & HRDNet automatically in HRD. LoTW, ClubLog, DAILY and send my cards to the Bureau MONTHLY.
      Why doesn't everybody do this? It's so much easier than having to work through hundreds (or thousands) of log entries once or twice a YEAR.

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