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    Further to the disappearing QTH problem, I have found another error.

    When opening a QSO to update data, I press the forward and previous buttons to retreive the QTH. I then find the day and month swap over, i.e todays date swaps from 01/07/2018 to 07/01/2018. I use the UK version of day followed by month. This only occours when the day number is 12 or below.

    Has anyone else found this to be the case, or am I the lucky one?

    Your comments appreciated.

    Stuart, GD0OUD.

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    Yes, I have this issue. I opened a ticket (ver
    Subject: Date format changes from DDMMYYYY to MMDDYYYY
    11/16/2016 1:18 pm Yrjö
    I open Modify: My Logbook (double clicking on a logbook entry). When clicking on Prev or Next puttons on the bottom,
    the format of date field on top left corner changes from DD.MM.YYYY to MM.DD.YYYY (ie, from Finnish date format to
    American). This only happens if the date is 12 or less. On dates 13 and above the date shows correctly as DD.MM.YYYY.
    Picture of my date setting in control panel is included.
    regional date format.GIF(64.6 kb)
    and got answer:
    This changing is strange. I checked with our programmers and they confirmed that the date format is 100% controlled by
    the date format set in the Windows software. It would appear if the format was changing, it would have to be something in
    Windows that is causing the change and not something in HRD.
    Ticket closed
    This is still an issue on ver.

    73 Yrjö OH3CK


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      Hi Guys
      Yes I see this also so will raise a Mantis check for it.
      Update -Done
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