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Moon Passes (Why)

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  • Moon Passes (Why)

    Using HRD Satellite Tracking. In the passes:ACTIVE tag show selected, the screen is Populated by MOON for each pass. This is though Moon is not enabled in the satellite definitions tag. Selecting "Show All," populates with all enabled and Not all definitions. Selecting "Show Selected" populates with MOON. Selecting "Show only" populates with all passes with the selected. It is "Show Selected" which is incorrectly populating. The error has been present in all iterations of HRD from the early days. Perhaps its about time this iritating error is corrected.

    Regards ROG. G8HLH

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    I’m having the same problem.


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      Good afternoon, I have the same problem and this ruction is well for me because I haven't a good antenna for sats actives, is a simple JPole VHF and UHF and I can select the best passes for simple satellites.
      73 de IT9GHW, Carmelo.


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        I suggest you guys raise a ticket for this problem if you have not already.
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