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  • Rig Control and Panadapter

    Using a split serial port and HDSDR I am using HRD and a panadapter at the same time on my Kenwood 590SG. Both programs control the radio and I can use the HRD log. Changing the freq in any one program changes the frequency in all. I use an MFJ 1708 to break the connection when I broadcast. The only problem is the buttons in HRD randomly flash on and off NB1 flashes on and off even though on the radio it stays on. Same for NR and other buttons. At this point since it does not affect the radio it is just an annoyance but has anyone else had this happen? Is it a limitation of the connection? Both programs set at 115200.

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    Have you tried closing either HDSDR or HRD and see if running only one causes the problem? If not, then there is probably a conflict between the serial ports.
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      Well apparantly, HRD and HDSDR will only play pretty well together over a shared serial port but not perfectly. They work well with a few minor glitches that I can accept for now. Interestingly HDSDR with omnirig really works well controlling the radio smoothly. If HDSDR had a good logging program like HRD they would be the choice. Hope one or the other adds the missing parts so all is in one place ---- HRD?