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  • LOTW UP DONWload??

    Hello I a new user of HRD
    I have worked before with DXLab and wil merge to HRD so I have impoted my log
    So all qso's 83000 are now on no send to Lotw how can i send my log to LOTW and download it from LOTW ??
    And the same with E-QSL ?
    hope some one can help me with this
    RIen, PA7RA
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    Hi Rien
    To upload to LOTW you need to select a QSO or QSOs in the Logbook and click the LOTW Upload button which will show this box.

    LOTW upload.JPG
    Fill in your LOTW details, call sign and password for LOTW, and also the path to your tqsl.exe file for TSQL executable.
    Then click Upload and if successful you will see a message and Finish.

    For a LOTW Download click the LOTW Download button and you will see this box.

    LOTW download.JPG
    Fill in the details again and select the date from the calendar and click Download.
    After the download you will see another box. Select "Save to Database" and you should be OK.
    You only have to fill in the details once, unless you change the information.
    John, G3UCQ

    Icom ic-7610, SPE 1K-FA amp,Hex beam, Butternut HF6V and homebrew 40m/60m/80m trap dipole.
    PC - Windows 10.
    Intel 4 Core i5-4460 CPU@3.2GHz, 8GB RAM,


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      Tnx John And sorry for the late reaction!
      I'm wil try when I'm at home later today
      73'Rien, PA7RA