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How to Manually Log FT8 QSO?

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  • How to Manually Log FT8 QSO?

    I'm using the latest HRD Logbook with the latest WSJT-X, JTAlerts and QSO Relay to log FT8 QSOs. One recent QSO did not log but is in the WSJT-X ALL.txt log file and on HAMSpots as well - some glitch in JTAlerts 2.11.1 fixed in 2.11.2 just today. All other FT8 QSOs logged fine - just the 50th state for my WAS!

    I'm trying to manually add the QSO and figured to tune to the correct frequency of the QSO and click the Add button, fill in the details and such, but the Mode is greyed out as AM even though my Elecraft K3S is in TX Data mode as required for digital like WSPR, JT65, FT8, etc - how do I change that to Mode FT8? Thanks for the help!


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    WSJT-X created file wsjtx_log.adi (%LOCALAPPDATA%\WSJT-X). HRDlog ->File->Import->ADI. Radio button "duplicates ignore". Select this file and save to DB. All QSO record WSJT-X carry to HRDLog.

    Uncheck checkbox Track (mode) in dialog ADD QSO and select in manually mode FT8.


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      Bret -
      Just an FYI, but with the latest HRD, WSJT-X and JTAlert, it is not necessary to use QSO Relay.
      That being said, there have been logging failures noted across several logbook with the latest two releases o JTAlert.
      Supposedly, a fix for that will come out today for JTAlert. There is a beta version available for testing.
      73, Jim - N4ST
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        Bret make sure you are using the latest release of JTAlert once so then you need to configure JTAlert to log to HRD this is in settings, logging, HRD V5/V6 set up here to match your logbook name and this will auto add each qso to your HRD logbook. There are settings in wsjtx/jtdx to query you to log qso you need to check those also. And there are manuals for these softwares that
        helpful info in them. Good luck 73 Morris wa4mit


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          I understand the question to change the mode manually and it looks like that was covered. But beyond that...

          We now have many who are logging directly into Logbook (without QSO Relay) using the "QSO Forwarding" function in Logbook. This enables JTAlert and/or WSJT-X to automatically populate the QSOs into Logbook (no manual work needed).

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