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JTAlert and HRD Logbook call sign lookup!

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  • JTAlert and HRD Logbook call sign lookup!

    Is there a way or option to do a instant lookup of a callsign via QRZ or logbook when using JTAlert? Example: when using JTAlert and you click on a call sign in JTAlert is it possible to have logbook do a instant lookup instead of having to wait until it is actually logged? I know some other logging programs do this just wondered if HRD does.
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    No not that I am aware of but you can have a similar lookup in JTAlert click View then click show log fields. This will show if you have worked selected call in JT65 or FT8, JT9 depending on selected mode in software. GL 73 Morris wa4mit


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      Thanks for the reply, yes I know you can do it JTAlert.