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Error Message on HRD and 7300

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  • Error Message on HRD and 7300

    I get this log on information. ( Error Connecting to "localhost" port 7809 ) No connection could be made. Target Machine actively refused it.
    I can load 780 and run it but can load HRD. I also can load 780 in the free version but not in the latest version of HRD.
    I have a 7300 and both the paid version and also the free version. I have one com port on my Windows 10 system.
    The free version i use the radio 7700, com port 3 and 9600 baud also RTS , Like i said it loads 780 free version.
    Paid version i use 7300 , 9600 RTS nothing runs.

    Am i missing something?


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    Found the problem, Virus software was blocking it. Everything working.



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      Hi Steve,

      Can you say more about your solution? I am getting the same error and suspect is is also my virus protection. But I don't know what settings to change to fix it. I am running Windows 10 and Norton security. Thanks!
      Joe P.


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        HRD running on Windows 7. ve7cc.exe running on same machine. ve7cc.exe is connected to ve7cc-1 and downloading spots and information. Local program, ve7cc.exe, is listening on port 7300. Connect as CC-USER on HRD Logbook returns "Error connecting to localhost port 7300 - No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it." Telnet to localhost 7300 reads the ve7cc information. I've turned firewalls off and on. Firewall rules look OK. If telnet can connect to locallost 7300, why can't HRD Logbook?