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Recording and playback of audio - maybe!

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  • Recording and playback of audio - maybe!

    Is it possible that at some point in time the formats and controls can be unified across the suite?

    In the logbook, the audio recorder allows you to record off-air audio as an MP3 file but no playback within the application.
    In DM780, the options are there for both record and playback, is it compatible with the logbook MP3's? NO, it uses wav format!
    The main HRD application also records as MP3 - to play it needs the audio browser!

    Why can't they all use the same, or allow the choice of, format? Why can't a play button be added to the recorder?

    Just to make it more fun, I can't find a way of setting the soundcard the recorded files are played through - fine if you want to play through the default device, but in my configuration, I don't want to use the default device, so I end up using a different application to play the file.

    I'm expecting to read that faithful old "get out" answer along the lines of "it would take far too much to recode the application" as I've seen in reply to other suggestions.

    I have to say, for a company that's bought a product and selling it at a premium, it's a complete mess. Dig into various parts of the software and references to Simon (the original author) pop up, find a good example in the DX Cluster alarms help section "for example my e-mail address is but my account is just simon.brown. The password is known only to you!"

    I'm certainly not renewing my support subscription or buying a new version unless there is a drastic improvement.