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logbook closing by itself

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  • logbook closing by itself

    I am running and recently
    after having DM780 HRD and the logbook running,
    the logbook will backup and close.
    (the logbook program itself)
    I can reopen it,and it will stay open a while,then again close.
    Anything I can check?

    Windows10 Dell Alienware laptop
    Last edited by N9UKX; 12-29-17, 00:37. Reason: corrected version after updating. still closes.

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    Take a look at this link :



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      Charlie, KØLAF


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        There's a workaround for this problem that can be used until the HRD Team can find a fix. The workaround can be found at https://development.ham-radio-deluxe...ew.php?id=2279. Look under the heading Activities > Found a workaround, see attached PDF.

        Hey HRD, if the fix is nowhere in sight, how about putting a notice on the Download page warning people that the software they are about to buy may not work with the latest version of Windows 10. And then put a link to the workaround in bold flashing-red letters.


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          I just purchased HRD in December and started to have this same problem right after the latest Win 10 update,
          my logbook part of the program would just up and close.
          I used this workaround fix, very easy and it worked great, no more problems!
          Thanks HRD for a quick fix and Thanks John for the "Heads-Up" link


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            The work-around turns off the Full Screen Optimization that was deployed with the Windows 10 "Creator's Edition." We're unsure why turning it off eliminates this problem. However, it is a valid work-around.

            Roger (our developer) tells me he's found the source of it and we'll have a build out fairly soon that cures this for folks who have not implemented the work-around.

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