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Manual Tuning seems buggy

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  • Manual Tuning seems buggy

    When I try to fine-tune a satellite signal, I find that using either the slider bar or the rig tuning knob give erratic results. Sometimes for a given input the freq. goes up, sometimes down, sometimes nothing happens. Any hints? 73

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    Yes, switch to SatPC32. Sat Tracker is very buggy, has never worked correctly, and in the past HRD has show little interest in fixing issues. Sad because if it worked as it should, it would be the premier Sat tracking software out there. When Icom released their rig tailored for sats, the IC-9100, they could never get it to work correctly. SatPC32 does. It has constant MFC errors and hangs. I have it loaded on a hex core i7 processor with 24 Gb of memory and SSD disk. Other than Windows, HRD is the only thing loaded and it still hangs. So it cannot be a conflict with other software.

    Maybe under the new leadership, some thing will change, but when I worked with Rick, nothing got better. In some ways, it got worse.

    Rigs: IC-756 Pro III, IC-9100 [full options], IC-706MkIIg
    Interfaces: microHam MicroKeyer II & Station Master & USB3 - DSP-2232, PK-900 Full Mods, PK-232MBX/SC/USB and HK-232MBX/SC/USB
    Rotors: HyGain T2X W/Idiom Press Rotor EZ & Yaesu G-5400 W/GS-232
    PCs: i7-4770 Quad Core @ 4.03 GHz, W/32Gb Mem, 256Gb RAID 1 SSD Boot & 2 Tb Raid 1 Storage Drive, dual 28" Monitors
    i7-980 Hex Core, W/12 Gb Mem, 256Gb RAID 1 SSD Boot & 4.5Tb RAID 10 Storage Drive, dual 24" Monitors
    i7-960 Quad Core, W/12Gb Mem, 2 Tb RAID 1 Hard Drive, quad 19" Monitors
    i7-950 Quad Core, W/12Gb Mem, 256Gb RAID 1 SSD Boot & 2Tb RAID 1 Storage Drive, dual 24" Monitors
    Toshiba i5-3317 Laptop W/8Gb, 698Gb Hard Drive, 16" Screen
    All Running Win7 Enterprise 64 Bit - MySQL for Database
    I also use a KA9MOT SDR Pan Adapter using the RTL2838 Dongle for my IC-756 Pro III


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      Oh good, then I am not wrong.....(I always searched the mistake in handling the program....)
      I try to hold stable the frequencies (eg for XW-2B on 145.725 +/ Doppler) but i have to turn always the VFO manually otherwise the QRG is running away.
      (the QRG is alsways moved by HRD but not really matching).

      Here (EA8) working with FT-991A and latest HRD ....
      73 Erich


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        hmm just passed the AO-92 direct 90 Elevation.(QTH EA8)
        during the hole pass HRD was moving the QRG very good - ...


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          Seems to be stable in satellite mode on receive or transmit but when connecting two radios one for receive and for transmit the blue manual tune bar just gets stuck.