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  • Serial Port Client

    On page 80 of what I believe is the latest manual for HRD are instructions on how to configure the serial port client. I want to get my antenna rotator to work remotely. I have configured the remote server but when I follow the instructions to get to port mappings, it is simply not there. Can anyone help me with this?

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    Still trying to figure out how to access rotator control via remote. Can I get some help in English?


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      Is this what you see after clicking on Settings>tools?
      From section 4 of the on line guide of HRD 03/2018. Rick


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        Firstly: there is no path Setting>Tools. However, if I go (as stated in the instructions), Tools>Programs... There is no choice for Port Client as shown in your example. If I could find the port client, I would be able to figure this out. My global setting are set to advanced and I'm using the latest build of HRD.


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          I have started a support ticket on this issue of port mapping not showing up as the current instructions say they should.