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    Just got me new ICOM IC-9100
    and I have problem with VFO B , When enable I see AFC and USB go off on blinking but VFO B do not change .
    Is it still problem with ICOM and VFO B no command now 2917 or is there something for me to do ?
    I have click IC9100 in option , Radio

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    There is a very long and ugly history surrounding the IC-9100. I think the current situation is that there is a Mexican standoff situation between HRD and ICOM. HRD believe that rapidly toggling between VFO A & B will do permanent damage to the radio. ICOM say not. In the end I gave up with HRD Satellite, and I now use SatPC32 which supports full duplex operation flawlessly.
    Marc Hillman

    Windows 10 64-bit; 8Gb RAM; 8 CPU's; IC-9100; WinKeyer USB; Expert 1K-FA Amplifier; Diamond W-8010 antenna


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      do you think new uppdate of HRD have solve this problem ?


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        Every other software like SatPc32 or MacDoppler has no problems with the IC-9100 and they are beautiful satellite tracking programs. I am tired of haven HRD blame Icom for their lack of programming willingness and support. There is a reason why AMSAT is NOT supporting HRD for satellite work.



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          Hi...I had the 1c-9100 and if you like the shack in the box radios this is as good as they get. my only complaint was you can not scan both vhf and uhf memories while using hf. You can scan both while not using hf though. so it depends what you plan to monitor while using other bands. i ended up with an ic-7600 and kenwood dual band in the shack due to this. really the only complaint i had with the 9100.

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            Hi, Also have 9100. There is no need to change between VFOs and you even can't if you are sending.

            Frequecies must write to main and sub-bands and IC-9100 have commands for that.
            Markku Laaksonen, OH3NGT


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              Hi, little more investigation. when 9100 is satellite mode, there is only VFO-A and inside of that there is main and sub bands.
              If I select only updating RX, HRD writes main band ok and if I select only updating TX, HRD writes sub band ok.
              So if I select Updating both RX and TX, then something goes wrong to main / sub selection before writing frequency.
              Think this is easy to correct?
              Markku Laaksonen, OH3NGT