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    After I updated to ver .585 the colors shown on my Bandspots have reversed - new spots are grey and old spots are red. Does anyone have any suggestions about how to fix this?
    Gus K4SXT

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    Have you tried Logbook/Refresh ? ALso Close Logbook and reopen ?

    José F5JD


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      Thanks for the suggestion - I tried both and my Bandmap spots are still reversed - Red being the oldest and light Grey the newest.
      Gus - K4SXT


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        Once a year or so I try to quit using the outdated HRD 5.24 and evaluate the latest HRD. But this issue with the bandmap is so weird that makes it unusable. New spots not seen at all, five oldest ones in the chosen time interval are red. And nothing changes for years. Is it so difficult to repair? Looks like a very simple bug in a list sorting. If I had a logbook source code I would fix it easily in minutes.
        I don't say about the everlasting bug in DM780 RTTY: extra CR CR LF characters sent before switching off to RX. Fortunately, I had old sources of DM that comes with HRD 5.24, and fixed this annoying bug in rtty.cpp, just commented out three lines and rebuilt the HRDMultiMode001.dll. Works like a charm now. Could you do this, guys?