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Bulk QRZ lookup to back-fill missing data like Name

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  • Bulk QRZ lookup to back-fill missing data like Name

    After a contest, I export my N1MM+ log as an ADIF and import to Logbook - is there a way to bulk update from my QRZ subscription with details such as name, etc...?

    Thanks, Howard

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    Ron, W3RJW

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      I completely understand what you're asking for. I had asked Fred at if he would support this. The answer I got back was that QRZ did not want to support bulk update because of concerns about performance of the QRZ system.

      I'm aware, however, that other software will do this. I'm not sure how they're doing it or why they're allowed to do that. But I do think it's an important feature that we should have.


      I sure wish that the makers of N1MM would include the numeric country number (unfortunately known as the DXCC numeric). Without that number, it's really hard to determine the difference between K1N (Navassa) and K1N (ARRL Field Day station) when we try to import it. Using country name or parsing the call for prefix lookup is not a reliable method for doing this.

      I spoke to the N1MM folks at one point. They told me "we're a contest software... not a DXCC awards tracking software." Well, that's fine. But they're also not a CQ Awards tracking software, but they export CQ zone numbers. FWIW - we really need them to include this country numeric in their export. Otherwise, the imported country will never be very accurate.
      Mike, WA9PIE

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        SOLUTION! I have written an application that takes an existing ADIF file, then adds info from and writes it out to a new ADIF. Requires a QRZ subscription (XML or higher). I just talked with Fred at QRZ and he is fine with this. It processes about 3 callsigns per second. I have been using it with ADIF exported from N1MM+ for about 6 months now and the data transfers nicely.

        Suggestion when importing the resulting ADIF into HRD: Turn on all the options (compute DXCC from callsign, update country name, insert local station info). Then there should be few problems with setting the right country, other than what Mike has already mentioned above.

        Consider this a beta version. Feedback invited via email and I'll see what I can do to improve it.

        Distributed as an .exe file in a .zip archive that contains the app, a readme file, and an initialization file. Read the readme file! You must download the LabVIEW 2014 Runtime Engine from National Instruments before running. This version should run under any Windows version but I could also build a Mac version.

        Gary NA6O


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          That solution works perfectly..Thanks Gary
          Norman G4AYU


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            I had the same issue dealing with N1MM+ logs from contests and importing to HRD. I wrote my own Windows program to do the merge. See


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              Brilliant solution from k2dt. Thanks.


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                Adif Extender : Another free tool to extend adif file with QRZ content :