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Which program to use for printing QSO labels and envelopes

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  • Which program to use for printing QSO labels and envelopes

    Hi Guys

    Which programs do you guys use to print QSO labels and envelopes?
    I downloaded HRD Label, could not find a users guide, can not get much to work let alone print anything, very frustrating.


    Henry NM6V

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    After much tweaking and frustration I finally got HRD to print QSO labels. I do struggle with the margins in HRD, so if I print an address label the print will be to small. It's just like for some reason I can't use the whole label for printing (leaves a blank area of about 1,5cm to the right on the label).
    I also downloaded HRD Label, but I can't get that program to print anything that looks even close to a label. Also tried to print address labels direcly from the "print address" function on, but no luck there either. So for now I use HRD for QSO label printing, and just copy paste address labels into my printers (Brother QL-700) own label maker program.

    Hans Christian LA9AKA


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      I, like so many others, have given up on the HRD Label Print module. Some have said they have it printing a "very nice" label and "use it all the time", but don't seem to want to share their settings and printer type with others. I had HRD working somewhat acceptable many versions back, but a new release broke it completely. So I stopped even wasting my time trying to get it to work directly in HRD.

      I created a very good looking QSL label (I think) in my Dymo Label printer software. Of course I have to manually enter the data from the ALE page into this form when I pull it up to enter the QSL received/sent information. Yes, it takes a few seconds, but at least I have a label to stick to my QSL Cards. I do copy and paste the address information onto a formatted address label for those that are sent directly. If somebody wants my Dymo label file, I will be more than happy to forward it to you. Just private message me with your email address.

      It would speed up things for me, at least, if the ALE page would have the database record number displayed. I could easily enter that number into a QSL print form lookup function. Then do a query of the LogBook database and extract the necessary information from that record number. Then import this data into a QSL layout form for printing without retyping anything. I could even have it extract the address as well to print an address label at the same time.

      I played around with a copy of the LB database in Access some time back and found the very first column is the record number. I started working with this to print the QSL label and had some minor formatting problems, but it does work. Of course, I still had to use the HRD ALE portion to update the QSL sent/received boxes. I have not followed up on refining the process, but may someday when I'm bored, I'll revisit this and complete the project. Whatever I end up with, will be modifiable to use HRD exclusively when the record number becomes available on the ALE.
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        I use LoTW for all my confirmations and award credits, but there are those who do send QSL cards. For those few I hand print them myself with pen, and send them via bureau. That said there is the File: Print function with hrd logbook. You'll have to sort through the best way of doing it with your particular printer and likes. There are many other log print programs out there but again you'll need to figure them out per your setup.
        gud luk - 73 Chet KA1ILH

        Originally posted by NM6V View Post
        Hi Guys

        Which programs do you guys use to print QSO labels and envelopes?
        I downloaded HRD Label, could not find a users guide, can not get much to work let alone print anything, very frustrating.


        Henry NM6V


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          I am using Global QSL for answering bureau cards. This is so much easier than labels or hand answering cards and Global sends the cards out for you. 73 Morris WA4MIT


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            I'd like to see HRD include label printing within HRD Logbook. I think the easiest way to do this is for them use the API from Dymo to print to their label printers.

            Right now I use my Labelwriter 330 to print all my QSL labels. It's so easy. I just look up the station on QRZ, click on the label button, then copy and paste the address into the Dymo label software and I can print as many as I want.

            Usually I print four labels:
            - Two return labels (one for the envelope I send my QSL in and one for the SASE I provide)
            - One for my QSL card WITH the other stations' call sign and address
            - One WITHOUT the stations' call for the envelope I mail the QSL in.

            You can save addresses to the Dymo address book if you wish but I usually don't do that unless I know it is an address I will be using frequently.

            Another option would be to print a QSL report to a label with calls, signal reports, etc. taken form a HRD Logbook entry and printed to a label.

            If you have a dual printer then you can print your postage at the same time you print your labels.


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              It is my understanding that a rewrite of the Logbook print module is in progress. No idea when it will be added but soon I hope. Meanwhile. I use the free HamQSL to print directly onto cards. It works very well but the author has stopped work on it. If you want a copy to try email me.
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                HI you can look at my previous posts a while back on what I use and do

                All the best and wishing one and all a happy and peaceful new year
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                  I gave up trying to get it to print how I wanted it so I've written my own program to print my QSL's from the HRD logbook database. I had my latest supply of cards printed with a plain reverse side so I don't have to worry about lining up my printing with any pre-printed areas. Here's an example of how mine print out, the QSO details box will list up to 5 QSO's from the same station.

                  The program is still a bit rough but it works, I'm doing a bit of cleaning up and then I'll probably put it on my website for anyone to download and use.