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Rig control stops working.

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  • Rig control stops working.

    Rig control stops working if I manually change frequency, otherwise it works fine.
    HRD, Radio Icom 746 Pro, Windows 10/64.
    Sal, N2LWD
    Icom 746 Pro, Icom 751A, Drake TR7 w/RV7
    TH3 MK3, G5RV, 40 Meter Dipole
    Windows 10/64

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    Hello I to have a problem with V6.3.0.555 with Cat control. I am using a older version and all works fine.

    FT 5000

    Windows 10 64.




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      I had the Rig Control stop the other day also. Never seen that before. I probably have a few hundred hours of operation with this HRD build without issue, until this.
      HRD - Elecraft K3S - Windows Home 10/64.
      73, Jim - N4ST
      __________________________________________________ __
      3GHz Core 2 Duo, 8GB, Win10 64-bit, TASCAM US-322, FTDI, Ten-Tec Omni VII, HRD


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        Ciao a tutti sono nuovo iscritto

        maledico il giorno di Aver scaricato e acquistato HRD 630.563 (vittoria 7 a 32 bit) Ho fatto tante Segnalazioni ma il Problema mai Risolto) mi Hanno Detto Che Il Problema e windos
        vorrei dire solista Una cosa Che avevo version 5 funzionava un Meraviglia
        domani vorrei formattare il PC e provare a istallare il tutto
        uno dei tanti Problemi e, Appena APRO Il Programma DOPO 2 Minuti mi dice il Programma non Risponde ma solo la pagina di hrdlog + dm 780 invece una pagina di Controllo rig funziona Perfettamente
        per caso un voi e Successa la STESSA cosa
        email skipe. iz7qfn 338/1430691

        ICOM 756 PRO 3 interfacciato con MICRO KEYER II
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          I have simmilar problem with FT991 and HRD versions released in 2016 and later including the newest one
          Windows 10, HP Eltebook laptop 64 bits. FT991 CAT set to recommended settings 19200 bit rate and RTS enabled. The newest drivers for FT991.
          The easiest way to replicate problem is to power off radio using Power buton, then stay off for an hour and power on back using Power buton in HRD Rig control(maybe less, but if just power off and power on doesn't replicate problem).
          Symphtom is that turning VFO knob on the radio doesnt change frequency on HRD, but changing frequency on HRD changes frequency on the radio.
          Some buttons work both directions, some work only from hrd to radio.
          Changing Poll parameters in HRD and CAT timing in the radio do not change situation.
          The only way to recover is to close HRD (all modules) and restart it again.
          I am not sure, but i think it started when I started to use win 10. Before I had win 7 (all 64 bit).

          73's Marcin SP5IOU.


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            I was upgrading to the subsequent HRD versions, but it didn't help.
            Now I am using the newest and problem still exist:

            When I switch off radio using power switch or buton in HRD Rig control or in logbook, HRD hangs.
            I have to close logbook, rig control and any other hrd application to recover.

            FT991, 19200,RTS as recommended.
            Win 10 64 bit.
            HP Laptop.
            Anybody facet this problem or maybe has a fix?
            73's Marcin SP5IOU.


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              Any news, any improvement?
              I am upgrading to current versions - currently, but problems described above still exist.
              It is rig depended. With old FT897 and external interface, HRD updates frequency very fast.
              73's Marcin SP5IOU.


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                Currently running the newest version, but bproblem still exist - Bug not fixed.
                I open support ticket and after some conversation, problem has been confirmed and promised to be entered into development plan and ticket was closed.
                Great, but i do not see any prograss. Where can i find information which release it is planned to be fixed.
                Currently i am using Workarround:for
                I eliminated HRD rig control ane use RcForb server as a substution. This soft can run as a radio server also for all modules of HRD - Logbook, DM-780, Satelite. It has some limitations, sice it emulates HRD 5.x, but reads and transfers main VFO very fast and without delays, and second VFO fast enough.
                RcForb is open code. Source code is available to look on. Dear developers. Please look on that how communication between software and FT991 is build.
                It could help to fix this bug.
                Problem is not minor, since it cause HRD logbook to hang.
                73's Marcin SP5IOU.